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What the SGS Community Has to Say

Lucas loves his hip hop lessons. When your child comes home with a smile on their face, you’re on a winner!

Rosanna P

Such a relaxed, supportive environment for my child to develop a love of dance.

Rowan O

Lovely staff, relaxed environment, always welcoming and my kids and I have really enjoyed the classes! A great, low pressure environment for kids to just enjoy dancing and the pilates mat classes were great- small, lots of direction to make sure you got maximum benefit from the exercises. Thanks all!

Emily M

I have just finished today’s Barre session. In the first few minutes I thought, I love this class. Then it became a little more challenging. Yet at the end of the session I felt and still feel very positive and going about my routine quite happily, thank you Rachel.

Cathy K

Rachel’s Zoom classes are fabulous. Surprisingly similar to being in the studio as her attention to correcting you is spot on and her instructing is clear and precise. How lucky to have such access in these isolating times!  Many thanks for being so well set up Rachel xx

Julienne C

I had my very first barre class this morning. Rachel Kennedy was excellent in showing me what I had to do.It was fun and was very well structured. Would recommended anyone to have a go. I feel so good now, ready to start my day. Again thank you Rachel, you will be seeing me a lot more

Caroline M

A great focus on easy to learn fluid movements that helped realign and re-centre my body.  I felt my right hip relax after just three exercises, a place that has been holding the tension from the last week. Recently I have been focusing on body weight training and weight lifting and today’s Pilates class brought in the detailed awareness and connection that will support my body going forward.  Excited for the next one!

Tricia K

I love having the opportunity to have a mat class without leaving my house. Rachel is, as always, an excellent instructor. Clear, concise, and personal with each of her clients in the class. No different than being in the studio.

Donna C

Great set-up and lovely staff. My daughter absolutely loves it! Even with the COVID-19 issues, Stomping Ground have always kept constant communication between us and bent over backwards to quickly set-up online learning when the studio had to close. Thanks SGS team x

Rachel L