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Stomping Ground Studios

Our Stepney Dance and Pilates Studios offer an encouraging and supportive environment for Dance & Pilates enthusiasts to improve their fitness & well-being, make new friends, feel good about themselves and have fun!

About Stomping Ground Studios

Number 9 Stepney Street was converted in 2014 from an old vintage car workshop to a purpose-built Dance & Pilates centre with 2 beautiful dance studios and a fully equipped Pilates Studio. 

Stomping Ground Studios in Stepney is a place for students & clients to experience engaging and inspiring learning, highly skilled instruction as well as opportunities to perform and further their learning.

At Stomping Ground Studios we empower our students & clients by teaching them to take ownership of what they learn, therefore becoming independent, masterful movers, dancers and confident human beings.

Along with a range of dance lessons, we offer Pilates for teens and adults. You can also talk to our team about studio hire. 

Enrol now to experience a safe, caring and supportive environment, where students can freely express themselves, follow their passions and strive for their goals, no matter how big or small.

We would love you to join our warm and friendly community of Dance & Pilates lovers. 

We are an inclusive, open-minded centre, focused on helping you become the best you can be.

Students & Clients
Weekly Classes

Dance. Pilates. Community.


We believe in the power of movement to change people’s lives.

Dance Community in Stepney

Our mission is to provide a safe, caring and supportive environment where our students & clients can freely express themselves, follow their passions, and strive for their goals, no matter how big or small.

We are dedicated to passing on our skills and knowledge in the disciplines of Dance & Pilates to motivated and passionate individuals of all ages.

Dance Community in Stepney
  • Respect.  Respecting the needs, goals and individuality of each member of our community.  This includes all of our staff as well as all of our clients, students and their parents & caregivers.
  • Kindness.  To show kindness and compassion towards ourselves and then to all members of our community.
  • Persistence.  To always persist with our goals to serve our community of clients & students with excellence and compassion and create a business that will last the test of time.
  • Courage.  To try new things, to stay relevant and build a sustainable business for the future.
  • Community.  To create a friendly, inclusive and supportive community of committed, enthusiastic and passionate movement lovers of all ages.
Dance Community in Stepney

Our Team

Dance Teachers Stepney

Rachel Kennedy


Rachel started dancing when she was five and completed her dance training with a BA in Dance Performance in 1991.


Since then Rachel has danced & choreographed professionally in the USA, Canada & Australia.


Rachel has been teaching Pilates since 1997 and is now a Master Pilates Instructor for Balanced Body Education.


When Rachel moved back to Adelaide she decided to combine her love of Dance & Pilates and create a centre for movement & community.

Dance Teachers Stepney


Studio Manager
Pilates Instructor

Gillian is our Studio Manager and is here to make sure everything at the studio is running smoothly. Gillian also teaches the Pilates Mat and Spring Reformer classes at SGS as well as Pilates Initial Assessments and Private Pilates 1-on-1.


Gillian enjoyed dancing as a child and still hops into our Adult Hip Hop Class when she has time.

Dance Teachers Stepney


Dimitra is a member of our front desk team.
She is dedicated to the Stomping Ground Studios customer experience, always happy to help with whatever you need.
Dance Teachers Stepney


Dance Teacher

Robyn is a passionate teaching artist. Robyn spent 24 years teaching, choreography and performing in Melbourne.

She has extensive experience in teaching and leading creative dance projects that inspire and encourage dancers of all ages and abilities to participate in inclusive and highly engaging ways.

Dance Teachers Stepney


Dance Teacher

Georgia Lloyd began dancing at the age of 2 years old and is accomplished in Hip Hop, Acro, Tap, Ballet & Contemporary.

Georgia loves to express her love of dance to students so they can express themselves too.
It is very important to her that students not only learn but have lots of fun in her classes.