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Balanced Body® Reformer Instructor Training

Learn to use the iconic Pilates apparatus to power your programming potential!

The Reformer, developed by Joseph Pilates, is an extraordinarily flexible piece of exercise equipment. Learn how to use the Reformer and Pilates exercises to create powerful programming designed to optimize your clients potential.

Introduction to the Reformer & Beginning Exercises

Prerequisites: Movement Principles and 20 Reformer classes. 1 year experience teaching movement. Anatomy required prior to testing out.

This course introduces the Universal Reformer, the centre piece of the Pilates equipment studio and an invaluable training tool. Reformer 1 includes an introduction to safely using the Pilates Reformer for a wide variety of supine, seated and standing exercises for the beginning to intermediate student. Movement Principles include improving lower body alignment, creating balanced muscle development and learning a protocol for effectively training the upper body.

Reformer Instructor Training

Intermediate Exercises

Prerequisite: Reformer 1

Reformer 2 expands the potential of the Reformer with intermediate and advanced exercises and modifications along with programs designs for special populations including pre–and post–natal clients and clients with osteoporosis and lower back injuries. Class design, dynamic assessment and correcting common dysfunctional movement patterns are also included.

Reformer 3 (16 hours)

Advanced Exercises & Programming

Prerequisite: Reformer 2

Reformer 3 is the pinnacle of the Reformer work and includes advanced and super advanced exercises to challenge clients to achieve their best. Progressive sequences designed to teach students advanced movement skills are included along with an introduction to the revolutionary Principle Based Programming System helping you to create successful classes for clients at any level.

Reformer Program Includes:
  • Exercise instruction in the complete Reformer repertoire.
  • A detailed, full color manual with video support.
  • Successful class design and delivery based on the Movement Principles and Balanced Body Programming System.
  • Instruction in observing and analyzing posture and movement.
  • Development of cueing, coaching and teaching skills.
  • Guidelines for teaching older adults, pre and post–natal women, and clients with common orthopedic conditions.
  • Equipment safety and maintenance.
Requirements for Completion – Reformer only

To become a fully qualified Balanced Body Reformer Instructor, students must complete the following:

  • Movement Principles (16 hours)
  • Balanced Body Reformer 1 – Course work and test (16 hours)
  • Balanced Body Reformer 2 – Course work and test (16 hours)
  • Balanced Body Reformer 3 – Course work and test (16 hours)
  • Anatomy must be completed prior to testing
  • 30 Reformer personal sessions, 30 observation hours and 90 student teaching hours
  • Final written and practical test

Total hours for completion of Reformer program: 214 hours (not including anatomy).

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