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Kids Dance Classes Adelaide

Our Kid’s program is designed to provide an encouraging and supportive environment for children to learn, make new friends, feel good about themselves, and have fun dancing.

We offer a variety of dance classes for kids aged 2 and up.

Dance styles include Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Acro. We also offer Pilates for teens.

Our SGS Kids Program provides an opportunity for students to create and form friendships and partnerships. Once they have found their tribe, they settle in and enjoy their dance lessons for the long term.



We accept enrolments all year round and offer pro-rata fees for students joining mid-term

Ballet Sparkles

Introduce your 2-4 year old to the world of ballet. Your child will learn to dance to music and point their little toes.

Ballet Minis

Introduce your 3-4 year old to the wonder of ballet. Your child will learn how to move to music and become a beautiful ballerina.

Pre Primary Ballet

Young dancers aged 5 yrs enjoy learning ballet basics as well as being creative and learning to express themselves.

Primary Ballet

Students aged 6 yrs master the foundations of ballet and have fun with their friends.

Ballet Grade 1

Students aged 7 yrs start to learn more complex steps & sequences and enjoy the company of good friends

Hip Hop Pre Primary

Kids aged 5-7 yrs get fun and funky with their first hip hop lessons.

Hip Hop Primary

Kids aged 8-10 yrs build skills and learn the latest popular hip hop moves.

Hip Hop Level 1

Kids aged 11-13 yrs learn more advanced skills & steps and develop their own style.

Hip Hop Teens

Teens aged 13-15 yrs learn the latest Hip Hop moves and make lasting friendships.

Contemporary Primary

Kids aged 7-9 yrs learn foundational techniques in this flowing, creative & expressive form of dance.

Contemporary Level 1

Students aged 10-13 yrs take their technique to the next level with more complex & creative movements.

Tap Primary

Kids aged 7-9 yrs learn basic level tap steps, musicality & rhythm. Have fun and make friends.

Acro Minis

Introduce your 3-5 year old to the fundamentals of acrobatics. An energetic, fun class in a safe environment.

Acro Pre Primary

Kids aged 6-12 yrs learn basic acrobatic skills & strength work in a safe environment whilst building lifelong friendships.

Acro Primary

Students aged 7-12 yrs take their Acro skills to the next level by learning to master more complex skills and tumbles in a safe and controlled environment.

Acro Level 1

Students aged 9-12 yrs take their Acro skills to a more advanced level by learning to master more complex skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Acro Teens

Teens aged 13-15yrs learn and build on acrobatic skills such as handstands, cartwheels, forward and backwards rolls in a safe and fun environment.

Pilates For Teens

Teens aged 12-15 yrs build better body control and stability, particularly for athletes and dancers.

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Whether your goal is to reach the world stage or simply build new skills, we have a class for you. Get started with a FREE dance lesson.