Open Day - Stomping Ground Studios


OPEN WEEK 2018  
25th - 30th JUNE

Come and try some classes on us!!

Current students try a NEW class

New students try ANY class

Bring your Friends!

Click below on the classes of your choice and reserve your spot!


Timetable for OPEN WEEK







4:00-4:45PM - Pilates Conditioning for Young Dancers (8yrs & up)


9:30-10:15AM - Pilates Group Equipment - Open


5:45 - 6:30PM - Pilates Group Equipment - Open

6:30 - 7:15PM - Release & Restore Mat - Beginner/Intermediate





4:00-4:45PM - Hip Hop Juniors (5-7yrs)

4:45-5:45PM - Hip Hop Teens (11-13yrs)



6:00-7:00PM - Tap - Beginner/Intermediate

6:30-7:30PM - Ballet - Beginner/Intermediate

7:30-8:30PM - Contemporary - Beginner/Intermediate












Blue Studio

10:30-11:00AM - Ballet Tots (2-4yrs)

11:00-11:30AM - Little Groovers (2-4yrs)

4:00-4:45PM - Jazz & Tap Juniors (5-7yrs)

4:45-5:30PM - Jazz & Tap Tweens (8-10yr)

5:30-6:15PM - Contemporary Tweens (8-11yrs)

Red Studio

4:00-4:45PM - Ballet Primary RAD (6-7yrs)

4:45-5:30PM - Acro Beginner Juniors (5-8yrs)

5:30-6:15PM - Acro Beginner Tween/Teens (9+yrs)


9:30-10:30AM - Contemporary - Open Level



10:45-11:30AM - Classic Flow Mat - Intermediate




5:45-6:30PM - Pilates Group Equipment - Open

6:30PM-7:15PM -  Classic Flow Mat - Beginner/Intermediate








6:30-7:30PM - Hip Hop - Beginner/Intermediate

7:30-8:30PM - Jazz - Beginner/Intermediate


9:30-10:15AM - Pilates Group Equipment - Open

10:30-11:15AM - Playing with Props Mat - Beginner/Intermediate










9:30-10:15AM - Pilates Group Equipment - Open

10:30-11:15AM - Release & Restore Mat - Beginner/Intermediate




Blue Studio

9:00-9:30AM - Ballet Tots (2-4yrs)

10:00-10:30AM - Little Groovers (2-4yrs)

10:30-11:15AM - Hip Hop Juniors (5-7yrs)

11:15-12:00PM Hip Hop Tweens (8-10yrs)

12:00-1:00PM Hip Hop Teens (11-13yrs)

1:00-2:00PM Jazz & Tap Teens (11-13yrs)

Red Studio

10:00-10:45 - Ballet Pre Primary (RAD) (5-6yrs)








1:00-2:00PM - Contemporary - Beginner/Intermediate


9:30-10:15AM - Classic Flow Mat - Beginner/Intermediate

10:30-11:15AM - Reformer - Beginner/Intermediate



WEDNESDAY ONLY10 minute Massage tasters from 4.30 – 5.30pm in the treatment room with Pascal!
SATURDAY ONLY 10 minute Massage tasters from 10 – 11am in the treatment room with Tracy!



Do I need to book ahead for classes?

YES! There are limited spaces available.

If I already attend regular classes will my class be free this week?

No your regular class won't be free, but you can try as many NEW classes as you like for free!

Do I need to book ahead for massage?

YES! There are limited spaces available.

What do I do when I get there?

You will be required to sign in at reception when you arrive, so please arrive at least 10 minutes before the class you plan to take.

Can I come for one or all classes?

You can come for as many classes as you like, make sure you book in. But please be sure to let us know if you have to cancel so we can open the space up for someone else.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable workout clothes. There are change rooms available.

Footwear specifics:

For Hip Hop - wear sneakers

For Ballet – wear ballet shoes or socks

For Tap - wear outdoor shoes or tap shoes

For all other classes – wear socks or bare feet

Can I come if I have never had a dance lesson/pilates lesson before?

Yes, everyone is welcome!

Where do I leave my bag while I’m doing class?

There will be lots of people coming to try out classes so please bring your belongings into the studios with you during class, don’t leave valuables in the change rooms.

Will there be anything to eat or drink available?

There will be water and snacks available for purchase, you are also welcome to bring your own.

If you have any other questions please give us a call at 08 8362 7902 or shoot us through an email at

We look forward to seeing you!