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Tracy Bloem - Remedial Massage Therapist

Tracy specialises in remedial massage therapy to address specific conditions or complaints, relieving pain and abnormal muscle tension.

Initial and follow up appointments include postural and range of motion assessments to identify physical imbalances and limitations in joint range. This will allow for treatments to be specific for each client’s needs and can be used as a measurement of progress and the effectiveness of these treatments.

Tracy is experienced in:

  • Deep Tissue - Massage Therapy techniques with firm pressure to address deeper layers of muscle and fascia, for relief from a range of chronic conditions and injuries

  • Sports Massage – Treatments can be tailored to suit requirements as a stimulating pre-training/game/performance massage or post to aid recovery and reduce muscular tension. During conditioning and training phases massage therapy is ideal to help prevent injury and improve performance.

  • Trigger Point Release Therapy – Trigger points are specific areas in muscles of increased metabolic waste deposits which can cause referred pain or sensations. By applying direct pressure to these points, the aim is to relieve this pain and tenderness, thereby allowing the muscles to function more effectively.

  • Pre / Post Natal - used to reduce muscular pain and tension and the swelling associated with pregnancy, varying from gentle to firm pressure.

  • Oedema- Through the use of specific strokes and techniques this massage can help to alleviate swelling and fluid retention in the limbs.

  • Joint Mobilisation - precise joint mobilisation to relieve joint stiffness, adhesions, and limited range of motion to restore proper whole-body alignment and function.

  • Stretching – Aiding in restoring mobility and flexibility throughout the body. Used in conjunction with massage therapy this can aid in developing and maintaining full range of movement, alleviating muscle soreness and encouraging the lengthening of muscle fibres to relieve tension.

With her background in Exercise physiology, Tracy is also able to offer support and education on self-care health strategies and management to take home that will assist in your overall treatment experience.

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