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Come and enjoy a remedial massage at Stomping Ground Studios





Monika, our in-house masseuse, specializes in Massage Therapy, relieving chronic pain and correcting postural tension. 
Initial and ongoing appointments include postural assessments to measure and accurately address physical imbalances and progression / effects of treatment. Applys muscle and range of motion testing, postural and alignment measurements, and various neurological tests.
Her services include...
  • Deep Tissue - firm pressure massage with slow paced strokes used to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia for relief from a range of chronic conditions and injuries.
  • TMJ Massage - for relief from jaw misalignment, pain, tension and headaches. Intra-oral and techniques external to the jaw are applied with careful precision, to relieve muscular imbalances.


  • Sports Massage - techniques dependant on the need to stimulate muscles (pre-training), or relax and mend them (post-training). Treatments help prevent injury and enhance performance.
  • Myofascial Release - light to deep pressure techniques with focus on stretching and moving fascia (connective tissue), to relieve headaches, tension, misalignment, digestive issues, scar tissue and pain.
  • Trigger Point Release - to relieve radiating pain and patterns of tension with direct pressure applied to specific sites in muscles when muscle knots commonly develop.
  • Pre / Post Natal - used to reduce muscular pain and swelling developed during pregnancy, varying from gentle to firm pressure.
  • Cupping Massage - plastic, silicone or glass cups are used to create negative pressure (suction) in order to pull tense tissue away from restricted or painful sites. Relieves scar tissue and adhesions.   
  • Osteopathic Massage - a clothed massage therapy treatment with Osteopathic techniques for improving posture and alignment.
  • Joint Mobilization - precise joint mobilization relives joint stiffness, adhesions, limited range of motion, and restores proper whole-body alignment.
  • Also offering support and education in self-care, you can experience an understanding of how to take care of your physical health through self-care strategies tried, tested and encouraged by Monika!


 Due to Monika coming to us all the way from Canada, it means unfortunately her Canadian qualifications don't allow her to work with a provider number. But good news, because she is currently undertaking a course at TAFE which will qualify her, and until then, we are offering 20% off regular massage prices.



Monika is available for bookings on...

Mondays 1O.3Oam - 2.3Opm

Tuesdays 4.3Opm - 8.3Opm

Fridays 4.3Opm - 8.3Opm

Saturdays 9.3Oam - 1.OOpm



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