Robyn Richardson - Dance Teacher


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 Robyn is a passionate teaching artist who has recently moved back to Adelaide after 24 years of teaching, choreography and performing in Melbourne. She has extensive experience in teaching and leading creative dance projects that inspire and encourage dancers of all ages and abilities to participate in inclusive and highly engaging ways.

Robyn trained in Adelaide, London and Melbourne. She has worked as a performer in a range of ballet and opera companies, dance-in-education projects and as an independent performing artist. She has worked for major arts organisations, including the Arts Centre, Roola Boola Childrens Arts Festival, Victorian Schools Innovations Commission and Ed Partnerships International. Her most recent work has been at the Creative Learning Centre where she created, formalized and taught a dance program that aimed to develop technical foundations in ballet and contemporary dance while integrating improvisation and fostering creativity.


Robyn Is very excited to be back in Adelaide and is looking forward to connecting with other artists and students so as to continue learning and sharing knowledge and experiences


 Robyn teaches Kids Ballet and Little Groovers here at Stomping Ground Studios

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