Elleshia Robinson-Prince

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Elleshia was born in Adelaide and started taking dance classes from the age of three. Since then she has continued to dance in weekly classes and workshops around Adelaide and interstate. The main styles she has trained in are Hip-Hop, Jazz and Contemporary, however in her younger years, she also trained in Tap and Ballet. Elleshia has been teaching for two years at a range of different schools, running either workshops or regular classes. Before she started teaching, she was a student teacher from the age of 14, helping with the younger classes.


" I love seeing the kids' faces light up in class or when performing to others. I love seeing new friendships made in class and the ideas students have when given the time to make up their own choroegraphy, or when freestyling" 










Elleshia teaches Kids and Adults Hip-Hop here at Stomping Ground Studios

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